More Airport traffic and passengers at Son Sant Joan in Palma. | CAIB


Palma airport is slowly getting back to normal with a continuous increase in aircraft movement and passenger traffic.

The figures are nowhere near what they were last year for obvious reasons, but in March, April, May and the first two weeks of June, tourist demand recovered rapidly after the opening of borders and the end of the State of Emergency, according to data from Enaire and AENA.

In the first 12 days of July, 3,000 flights took off or landed at Son Sant Joan and more than 500,000 passengers passed through the Airport. By the end of the month there will be more than 1.2 million passengers, compared to more than 4 million in July 2019.

This weekend 974 commercial passenger planes took off or landed in Palma, compared to 680 in Madrid-Barajas and 741 in El Prat-Barcelona. AENA says these figures highlight the positive evolution of Palma and pointed out that not even the most optimistic person would have predicted that there would be more airport traffic in Palma than in Barcelona or Madrid.


The progressive increase in operations is forecast to continue throughout the rest of July, August and September, as long as the current epidemiological situation remains stable and there are no coronavirus outbreaks in Majorca.

Healthcare Personnel, the Government and Airport Operators are fully complying with all anti-coronavirus health protocols. After the first few days of saturation they “managed to convey a sense of tranquility to Passengers, Tour Operators and Residents and now the situation is operating smoothly,” according to AENA and Government sources.

Demand from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Italy and France continues to grow.

The Pilot Plan during the week of June 15-21 to test the anti-Covid-19 sparked a progressive increase in European tourists coming to the Island, especially after the Government, Consell and the 365 Foundation of Palma City Council launched a promotional campaign advertising Majorca and Palma as safe destinations this summer.