Palma City Council launches new beach capacity App. | Ajuntament de Palma


Palma City Council has launched a new mobile phone App that shows how full the beaches are and also has information about new security measures, social distancing, flags and water quality.

Tourism, Health & Consumer Affairs Councillor, Elena Navarro, says the App will be advertised via brochures and posters and information will be handed out to visitors.

It also allows people to record their stay on the beach voluntarily and anonymously from their mobile phones.

The Deputy Mayor for Environment & Animal Welfare, Ramón Perpiñán, explained during the presentation that the App offers four levels of beach capacity.

Green level is for beaches that are less than 30% full.

Yellow level is for beaches that are 30%-60% full.

Orange level is for beaches that are over 60% full and at risk of exceeding capacity.

Red level means the beach is already more than 90% full and no more people will be allowed to enter.

The App shows the number of visitors in real time and if users register their presence at the beach it could help keep capacity levels below the maximum and help people choose a beach that has enough space available, rather than turn up at one that's already full and be refused entry .

Visitors can only register when they are less than 50 metres from the beach and the App can be deactivated voluntarily or automatically when the user leaves the area.

The degree of occupation will be updated by means of an Integrated Technological System and the people in charge of surveillance will update the data during the day to show whether capacity is average, high or very high at beaches.

To download the App follow the link: