Tour Operators support closures in Playa de Palma & Magalluf. | Teresa Ayuga


British and German Tour Operators say they support the Government’s decision to close down streets in Magalluf and Playa de Palma, calling the measures a brave and positive move.

"Health is the highest priority in everything we do, especially now that we are able to travel again,” said DRV President, Norbert Fiebig. “Everyone has to abide by security rules, both at home and when travelling abroad and we must do everything possible to make sure the freedom to travel is not threatened by a second wave of Covid-19,” he added. “If individuals or groups do not comply with the rules, as has been seen in Majorca, they endanger not only their own health and that of their peers, but also the possibility of travelling, which is irresponsible and simply unacceptable.”

“The Balearic Islands are a very popular destination for British tourism and we are working with all partners and representatives at holiday tourist destinations in terms of health,” said ABTA Chairman, Alistair Rowland. “In the current situation, health security is vital and British tourists want to have a safe holiday, so the measures adopted by the Balearic Government are welcome.”

Both the Palmanova-Magalluf and Playa de Palma Hotel Associations more resources are needed to prevent a repeat of the bad behaviour and absolute lack of control seen in Majorca last weekend.”

More police officers are needed to control the source of this disorder and if the Government's measures result in the cancellation of reservations by tourists who just come to Majorca to get out of control, that would be good news because they are not welcome here,” added Palmanova-Magaluf Hoteliers Association President, Maurio Carballeda.

Isabel Vidal, President of the Hotel Association of Platja de Palma, pointed out that good communication is very important to avoid inaccuracies and misunderstandings in the emitting markets.

We value the political will to put a stop to excess tourism, especially in the current situation, but more Police Officers are necessary to cut at the root situations such as the ones experienced last weekend,” she said, adding that the impact on hotel reservation cancellations will be monitored over the next few days.

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