Spain's health minister, Salvador Illa. | Efe


Town halls and regional governments say there will be zero tolerance of "events" that do not respect health security measures. These include private parties, street parties ("botellón"), crowded bars and gatherings to celebrate sporting victories.

There is an obligation to wear masks even in situations where safe distancing of one and a half metres can be applied. But police forces are having to intensify their controls to prevent the likes of street parties. New cases of coronavirus are, by and large, related to family environments, with the average age of people infected having decreased significantly. This has therefore focused attention on parties and celebrations.

As well as the measures adopted in Magalluf and Playa de Palma, the Balearic government has set up a team which will monitor social networks, while the regional attorney's office is to ask judges and prosecutors to authorise the entry of security forces into premises.

In Ibiza, the Council of Ibiza is maintaining contacts with business associations and asking them to notify authorities if they are aware of sound, light and catering services being requested for unauthorised events.

The scenes in Cadiz last weekend, following the promotion of Cadiz to the top flight of Spanish football, raised alarms, and the minister of health, Salvador Illa, appealed to fans to celebrate at home and via social media. In Madrid, the message hit home. Squares were empty following Real Madrid's clinching of the league title. The minister said that this "gives him hope". "If people are aware that the virus is still here, there will be no need for more drastic measures."

Illa explained on Friday that the scenario is currently one of control of the coronavirus epidemic, with regional governments responsible for taking action. However, if transmission of the virus were to become "uncontrolled" and to affect several regions, the government could well implement measures at a national level. "We are not ruling out anything," he warned.