Terminal 4 at Barajas airport in Madrid. | EFE


Spain's foreign affairs ministry has launched its #Viaja Seguro campaign, which warns about issues with overseas travel and advises travellers to take "extreme precautions".

The ministry stresses that Spain's consular network and embassies "are not travel agencies or transport companies". Consulates and embassies do not make up for possible deficiencies with health systems in other countries, and nor do they cover possible additional costs of having to lengthen a foreign trip for health reasons or the spread of coronavirus.

Travellers are advised that new outbreaks could arise at their destinations. They should therefore take out insurance with coverage for all eventualities and be aware of possible cancellations or a shortage of flights that could lead to problems with returning to Spain.

Health and safety advice and regulations in destination countries should be followed, and travellers are recommended to ensure that they take sufficient numbers of face masks as well as a sufficient amount of sanitiser gel.