Son Gotleu Police Station, Palma. | Ultima Hora


Palma Local Police are allegedly not answering calls because they don't have any money or police cars.

A telephone operator from the 092 Police Telephone Exchange allegedly told one caller that nothing could be done to help them.

"We are very sorry, we cannot take care of him because we do not have cash at the moment. I will put him on a waiting list. There are 25 incidents before yours. I'm so sorry we can't do anything. I'm really sorry,” they allegedly said.

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there’s a shortage of Local Police Officers in Palma and according to internal sources, the Force has almost 300 fewer Offers than required to cover shifts.

There’s also allegedly an extreme shortage of Police cars and motorcycles at the Levante Police Station in Son Gotleu and other Municipal Areas have been forced to supply cars for Police Officers, who then have to attend incidents with cars that don’t have sirens or have Urban, Mobility or Sports emblems on the bodywork.

Police Officials claim that there's a lack of volunteers to work extra hours, because Palma City Council still owes the Officers money for overtime they worked last year.