Mondragó Nature Reserve, Majorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


New limitations are being imposed on tourist boats visiting Mondragó Natural Park and the sa Font de n’Alis bar is being demolished, according to the new Natural Resources Management Plan, or PORN.

The new regulations for the natural park which is in the Municipality of Santanyí, aim to make it clearer who and what is allowed in the area and confirm plans to demolish the sa Font de n’Alis bar because it violates the Law of Coasts and doesn’t meet conservation rules.

"A dune regression has been detected in the area of the bar, so after removing the bar the dunes will be regenerated," claim Official sources.

The s’Amarador beach bar will not be removed because it is not a permanent installation.

Tourist boats are being limited to three days a week with a maximum of 60 people per boat, after a load capacity study showed that boats carrying 100 to 150 people two or three times a day were causing problems.

The Ministry of the Environment also wants to regulate where people are allowed to park.