The minute's silence outside Palma town hall. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

There were minute's silences at midday on Wednesday out of respect for Lillemor Christina Sundberg, the 52-year-old Swedish woman who passed away at Son Espases Hospital on Tuesday, eight days after suffering a brutal assault by her husband.

The minute's silences were observed outside the headquarters of the Balearic government and the Council of Majorca and the town hall in Palma; the attack occurred in the Son Cotoner district of the city.

President Armengol condemned the fact that women are mistreated and murdered "simply because they are women". She offered her condolences to the friends and family of the victim and has also sent condolences to the Swedish Consul. Armengol called on citizens in the Balearics to denounce "a problem of society, a collective problem rather than an individual problem". "It is not just a problem in the home. We have to be able to support and take care of each other." The president stressed the need to report cases of physical or psychological abuse of women.

Outside Palma town hall, the national government delegate, Aina Calvo, said that reporting cases is "essential in order to make the problem visible". This is because victims sometimes go back to their abusers, which is what happened in the case of Lillemor Christina Sundberg.

Palma's mayor, José Hila, said that this murder "reminds us that we must work in order to make equality real and ensure that there are no men who believe that they possess a woman".