Mick Jagger supporting the ocean sanctuary. | @MickJagger


Project Zero is a global movement of renowned scientists, business leaders, and ocean experts which has set out to secure a global network of ocean sanctuaries in order to provide resilience to the devastating effects of the climate crisis. To this end, it has established a crowdfunding scheme for two major sanctuaries - one in Sri Lanka, the other in Minorca.

Working through the London-based Blue Marine Foundation, a conservation fund for Minorca will be used for projects to enhance the Minorca Biosphere Reserve and enforce regulations for conservation.

Project Zero describes Minorca as "a diverse ocean paradise that supports an abundance of life, including tuna, grouper, octopus, lobsters and seabirds", and the schemes for both Minorca and Sri Lanka have received the backing of Mick Jagger, who has tweeted his support for "two incredible ocean sanctuaries".

More information: https://www.weareprojectzero.org/