Police acting against a street party on the Son Rossinyol estate. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Palma police force is allocating 120 officers as reinforcement for "strategic areas" during the tourism season. Seventy officers are to be assigned to Plaça Espanya, Plaça Major, the Cathedral area, and coastal areas. The other fifty officers will provide additional support through changes to their working hours or overtime. The town hall has established a reserve of 714,000 euros for tourism season policing.

A press conference on Thursday outlined how police operations are being adapted to the "new normal". Mayor José Hila underlined the importance of preventing crowds and street parties, monitoring tourist areas and controlling the capacity of beaches. He noted that the later tourism season is currently attracting around 30% of the numbers of tourists that can normally be expected.

On street parties, the chief of police, José Luis Carque, explained that there have been 445 reports since the state of alarm de-escalation started and that 730 people have been identified; these parties have mainly been on industrial estates. As well as applying the municipal bylaw governing street parties and the government's tourism of excesses decree, the police now also have to act in order to ensure compliance with the health control measures. He added that there have been 120 reports for not wearing a mask, thirty of these in recent days.

Carque complimented the public for its understanding of measures, such as the temporary closure of beaches when they reach their capacities. There have been no incidents as a result of preventing people from going on to beaches when they are at their limits.

Joana Maria Adrover, councillor for public safety, highlighted the coordination between the city's police and the National Police and others, and praised the force's adaptation to what is a "changing reality day by day". She stressed her commitment to strengthening the local police with additional resources - more officers and more equipment.