Puerto Soller, Majorca. | C. Alcover


This summer is anything but typical thanks to the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Nautical Tourism Sector appears to have breezed through the worst of the crisis.

Puerto Soller’s undeniable charm and beauty has made it a highly popular destination for sailors, the bay is chock full of all kinds of boats throughout the seasons and luxury yachts are often seen holding court amongst them.

The rich and famous love the laid back feel of this pretty port and their spending power is crucial because it helps the owners of local boutiques, souvenir shops and restaurants to keep their heads above water and brings jobs to the area.

But not everything’s coming up roses in Soller.

Environmentalists are waging war on the yachties in their ongoing battle to save the precious posidonia prairies in the Bay of Soller.

Last year tighter controls were introduced by the Conselleria de Media Ambient and Environmentalists are insisting that they be repeated to protect the ecosystem.

"Keeping the water in this corner of the Serra Tramuntana in good condition has an impact on tourism, and this summer there have already been some problems," they said.