PPE equipment arrives in Majorca from China. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The Law office that employs Wei Wei Jiang has defended payments she received to coordinate six shipments of medical supplies from China to Majorca in March.

"The professional minutes are completely transparent and reflect the intermediation and all the contracting work from origin to destination, contracts with factories, intermediaries and transport from China to Son Espases,” said Lawyer José María Lafuente.

He confirmed that Wei Wei’s work included drafting dozens of contracts in Chinese, English and Spanish and finding suppliers on the ground.

“Spain was late and China and Shanghai supplied top quality merchandise,” he said. “Wei Wei's work saved lives and the tons of materials brought to Majorca passed two quality tests with tremendous success."

Lafuente pointed out that these were the first contracts signed by IB-Salut to obtain supplies from China.

"In March no one had any information and in April other contracts were signed with different intermediaries,” he said.

Lafuente also explained that as demand for PPE materials rose and competition increased, individual costs were not detailed, they were integrated within the overall amount, "which was probably done to avoid political problems,” he said.

A total of 12 planes were chartered to bring PPE materials from China to Majorca, six of them were mediated by Wei Wei Jiang and altogether the planes cost the Government 6.8 million euros.