Last summer, the agency ordered the demolition of this property in Campanet. | Consell de Mallorca


Between 2009, which is when it was created, and 2019, the Council of Majorca's agency for planning discipline (ADT) levied fines totalling 29.7 million euros.

The ADT is responsible for checking on building work on rustic land. This covers anything from terraces or pools built without permission to entire buildings.

Of the almost 30 million euros, only 3.8 million euros have been paid. The difference between the two figures is mainly explained by what the ADT terms the "restoration of legality". In other words, if owners voluntarily remedy the "illegality", there is a reduction in the fine of up to 90%. The ADT insists that its objective is not to raise revenue from fines but to restore legality.

In 2018, for example, the agency ordered 97 building works to be demolished. Eighty-eight of these were carried out by owners (or developers) within the period permitted. For the ADT, there would ideally not be any fines, as "this would mean that no infractions are being committed".

In October last year, the collection of fines was delegated to the Tax Agency in the Balearics, which will also take responsibility for outstanding amounts that are to be raised through auction of properties - around 5.4 million euros.