Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The regional ministry of health has confirmed that ten people in Arenal (Llucmajor) who have tested positive for coronavirus all live together.

On Sunday, a person living in an apartment in Arenal tested positive. Residents of the building described this apartment as a "piso patera" (an overcrowded flat) with at least ten people. The residents demanded that the IB-Salut health service carry out PCR tests to check on contagion. The health service said that this was unnecessary, given the degree of contact with the people living in the apartment. Nevertheless, the health service has recommended that residents stay at home.

Following the initial positive test, health service tracing detected nine others. They were all tested and found to be positive. Four of the ten have been admitted to hospital. The other six are asymptomatic and have been transferred to a care centre, as it is not possible to guarantee self-isolation in the apartment.