La Soledat, Palma. | S. Amengual


Palma City Council wants to turn the La Soledat and Nou Llevant neighbourhoods of the city into a smaller version of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, which houses some of the world's biggest technology corporations.

The General Plan for Palma includes provisions for converting these two areas of the city into a district with space for new technology companies to overcome the tourist monoculture.

Live and work in the area

Model de Ciutat Councillor, Neus Truyol, explained that a coexistence is sought between the residential area and technology or renewable energy companies, so that employees can also live in the neighbourhood.

The Council also wants to rehabilitate the most complicated areas of La Soledat without forcing residents out, as has happened through gentrification in other areas.

The development will focus on the installation of Green Economy Companies, Cultural & Creative Industries and Knowledge Economy. An agreement has already been signed with the University of the Balearic Islands, or UIB, to move Science, Engineering, Art and Mathematics students there.

The plans include building a Music Box and Circus School in Nou Llevant which already boasts the Krekovic Museum and developing land for VPO in the neighbourhood.

Councillor Truyol says the entire area will be given a complete overhaul.

"We want researchers to be close to companies so that there is knowledge transfer," he said.

Agrarian parks

Palma City Council says rustic land not yet developed in Sa Indioteria, Son Sardina, and Pla de Sant Jordi will be turned into an agricultural park to maintain agriculture and livestock in the area, promote food sovereignty and create jobs.

The project will be done in collaboration with the Government and the areas will be cultivated very differently, because there are more orchards in the north whereas the land is drier in Sant Jordi.