Reyes Maroto, Industry, Commerce & Tourism Minister | EFE


The Minister of Industry, Trade & Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has told EasyJet and Jet2 she is in favour of implementing safe tourist corridors between Spain and the UK to reactivate the Tourism Sector and give British travellers confidence.

Minister Maroto continues to hold meetings with Tour Agents and companies affected by the UK's decision to impose a mandatory quarantine on travellers from Spain and says they have voiced their concerns about the British Government’s decision and the impact it will have on their companies and that they share the Balearic Government's desire to push for safe tourist corridors.

"We are working to open the British market as soon as possible so that tourists can come and enjoy their holidays at destinations that have been properly prepared and are safe, without any problems," said Minister Maroto.

She also reminded Tour Operators that destinations that are highly popular with British tourists, such as the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Valencia and Andalusia have a low incidence of coronavirus.

Minister Maroto has promised to continue to hold regular meetings with Tour Operators to analyse the evolution of the British market and share information on the epidemiological situation in Spain and the Autonomous Communities.

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