Dr Ángel Ruiz Valdepeñas and Dr Natalia Prego Cancelo | YouTube


Dr Ángel Ruiz Valdepeñas, who’s stand against the use of face masks led to suspension by the Balearic Health Authorities, has uploaded a video to YouTube asking for money, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times.

In the video, Dr Valdepeñas and Dr Natalia Prego Cancelo set out their motives and announce the creation of a platform to finance their thesis, which has reportedly been criticised by the vast majority of Medical Professionals.

"After four months of intense work, day after day, we have created ‘Doctors for the Truth’ and now we need your help to support the development of new ways of investigation, collaboration and denunciation,” they said. “We know that the help we are giving to society will be multiplied by the financial help we receive from you. For all humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Dr Valdepeñas has filed a lawsuit against the Balearic Health Authorities appealing for the right to freedom of expression in an effort to annul his suspension.