Police break up an illegal drinking party in Palma | CNP


There’s been a significant fall in the number of citations issued for illegal drinking parties in Palma.

During the weekend of July 11-12 there were 97, a week later there were 82 citations and last weekend, July 24-25, there were just 15. According to Palma Local Police the decrease is motivated by the threat of heavy fines, increased police pressure and a greater awareness amongst those involved.

A total of 460 citations were issued for illegal drinking parties in July and Local Police sources revealed that "there were times when 60-70 people were found in the same place,” and that “most of those sanctioned were 18-23 years old.”


Palma City Council has warned that “illegal drinking parties have not been eradicated," saying "It is a phenomenon that is not new and has not just happened as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, but there was a significant rise in the number of events when the State of Emergency was lifted, because bars, meeting places and nightclubs were closed.”

The Council says the increase in illegal drinking after lockdown was lifted is now under control.

"The statistics are going down week by week and we have found a smaller number of people, but the amount of parties being held at private homes is increasing, which is common in summer,” said Local Police sources.

Police pressure has reduced the number of street raves, which were advertised through social media and Palma Local Police believe that's also because of the threat of heavy fines for offenders.

Most of the illegal drinking parties in Palma take place in Polígono de Son Rossinyol, Polígono Son Castelló or Polígono Can Valero and Local and National Police say they've stepped up their presence at those locations.

Other meeting points, such as Parc de les Estacions and Park de Kristian Krekovic are especially popular after closing time.

An increasing number of nightlife venues in Palma have been fined for excess capacity.