Cala Varquez beach bar, Manacor.

Cala Varquez beach bar, Manacor.

07-08-2020Tomeu Riera

Manacor Town Hall is seeking a court order to force the owners to remove an illegal beach bar from Cala Varques.

Manacor Mayor, Miquel Oliver, the Guardia Civil, National Police, Local Police, Medi Ambient, and Government lawyers met with judicial officials from Manacor to seek support for the removal of the beach bar, saying the Administrative route has been exhausted, despite various sanctions.

At the meeting, the Judge requested new documentation, which the City Council has said it will provide shortly.

"The next step will be to obtain a judicial injunction that forces the owner of the beach bar to remove the facility, which cannot be located in Cala Varques and is illegal,” said Mayor Oliver.

“This entire process would be reinforced by the Authorities appearing at the scene to ensure compliance with the court order," he added.

The Municipality wants the case to be resolved before the end of this summer.

“A solution must be found before the end of the tourist season and with the conviction that there will not be an illegal beach bar in Cala Varquez in 2021,” said Mayor Oliver. “In the event that the requirement by the person in charge of the business is breached, stronger legal action will be imposed to force the removal of the beach bar."


In April last year, the owner was fined 100,000 by the Ministry of the Environment and banned from reopening the beach bar, but nothing changed.

The owner continued to sell food and drinks throughout the 2019 and 2020 tourist season and has refused to pay the fine.

The Cala Varques beach bar has been in operation for at least nine years.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Good for the bar owner! Middle finger up to the authorities, if u have been there 9 years. It obviously fills a gap in the market, as otherwise it would not survive all these years. Why not come to an agreement, where environmental issues are guaranteed and some license fee has to be paid and all is good. But no, in Spain they will run u into the ground. Out of principal.