A group of 40 residents whose land will be affected by the alternative route for the northern ring road, are demanding that the project be scrapped immediately and accuse the Consell and the Ajuntament d’Inca of failing to carry out “an updated mobility study” saying, “an informative study that doesn't take current legislation into account and is full of errors,” does not justify the work.

The group has the support of a number of entities.

“We learned through Ultima Hora that the project had entered public exhibition on June 25, but the Consell did not issue a statement during the summer, which doesn’t help citizen participation and transparency especially with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Consell is determined to complete the section of road that will link the Selva road to the old Alcudia road, which makes up half the route of the initial project. In 2017, a political agreement was reached to abandon the section between the Selva road and the Palma motorway entrance.

Informative study

The alternative route, which covers less territory and affects fewer properties, has been approved via an Informative study and an Environmental study prepared by the Consell.

"The diagnosis is not up-to-date and the alternative route will cause irreversible damage to the territory, condemns rustic land near the city, isolates the nucleus and there is no explanation as to how it will help improve sustainable urban mobility in Inca." said the group.

They are demanding that the Consell "cancel the alternative route and carry out an updated mobility study” and are proposing "an urban route that links the territory through sustainable mobility measures."

A meeting between members of the group, a representative from the Consell de Mallorca and Inca Mayor, Virgilio Moreno is scheduled to take place on Thursday.