Graffiti on a bed of rocks in Torrent de Pareis. | ATGMB


Graffiti artists are being blamed for spray-painting red arrows and daubing slogans on a bed of rocks in the Torrent de Pareis and Hendrik Uhlemann from the Association of Mountain Technicians & Guides or ATGMB has criticised the Ministry of Environment for not taking action against those responsible for defacing a Natural Monument.

"The attitude of those who vandalise natural beauty is unfortunate, but so is the negligence of the Officials and Public Authorities who are in charge of preserving it," says Uhlemann.

"Graffiti is happening every year and is being removed by the Ibanat brigades, but this is a time of high fire risk,” said Ministry of Environment sources. "Paratje Natural de la Serra de Tramuntana is in contact with the Federació de Muntanyisme to propose new ways of collaborating.”

Graffiti on a bed of rocks in Torrent de Pareis.

Hendrik Uhlemann claims graffiti artists have been having a field day.

“During the State of Emergency there were fewer people around, but there was more graffiti because people took advantage of the fact that there was no-one around to see them spray-painting, which is expressly prohibited by the Pla d'Ordenació dels Recursos Naturals of the Serra de Tramuntana,” he said. "In July there are usually between 200 and 400 people a day in the Torrent de Pareis but now there are fewer people watching and that's why it's important for people to know that painting on rocks is illegal," added Uhlemann.

The ATGMB has more than 300 followers on social media sites and say their message has had a big impact.

"Professional guides and hikers are very worried because we see what is happening every day in the mountains," says Uhlemann.

The Association has contacted the Balearic Institute of Nature, or Ibanat and will participate in an upcoming meeting with Mountaineering Federations to try find ways to stop bad practices.

In 2018, Escorca City Council introduced penalties of up to 3,000 euros to put a stop to graffiti in the Calobra area and Escorca Mayor, Antoni Solivelles, claims the problem has diminished since then.