The town hall's request for disinfection collaboration. | Ajuntament de Santa Maria del Camí

A week ago, the town hall in Santa Maria del Camí posted a message on its website which informed residents that the latest information regarding coronavirus in the municipality was not positive. Asking then for responsibility, safe distancing, hand washing and the wearing of masks, a week on and the situation is less positive.

The town hall is now requesting everyone to assist with disinfecting streets and to disinfect entrances to their homes every night. On Wednesday, it announced on social media that there were 51 active cases in Santa Maria, a number which is believed to have now risen slightly. The town hall stated on social media that tests carried out at the Santa Maria health centre had shown that there had been a "significant" increase in positive cases.

Back in March/April, Santa Maria recorded very few cases - no more than three at any time.

* The population of Santa Maria is 7,375.