Son Gotleu, Palma. | Jaume Morey


The Government is said to be seriously considering imposing selective lockdowns in the areas of Majorca worst affected by coronavirus.

At the moment those are Son Gotleu, Pere Garau, s'Arenal, the Trencadors Health Centre district and some neighbourhoods of Inca.

No final decision has been made, but the Experts who advise the Government are in favour of taking tough measures to contain the virus, which they say is out of control, making it impossible to track cases.

Francina Armengol, President of the Government is meeting with FELIB President, Antoni Salas, Health & Consumption Councillor, Patricia Gómez, Palma Mayor, José Hila, Researcher Margalida Frontera, IBASSAL Manager, Rubén Castro and others on Wednesday to discuss new measures to control the pandemic.

The Experts have also proposed introducing quarantine for all travellers from Catalonia, but the reality is that only 17 cases have been imported from that region since May and another 20 came from Madrid.


Introducing selective lockdown would have a knock on effect in other areas, particularly education.

If entire neighbourhoods are confined, residents won’t be able to go to school and classes would have to be telematic, but the Government is reluctant to go down that road again and is more likely to opt for blended classes for 2nd year ESO students and maintain face-to-face classes with smaller groups in Infant and Primary Schools.

Health data for Tuesday showed a spike in infections and there are now 2,227 active cases in the Balearic Islands.

279 people were hospitalised with coronavirus on Tuesday and 37 of them were admitted to the ICU.

156 Health Professionals are Covid-19 positive and 456 others are under surveillance.

On Tuesday the Spanish Prime Minister gave Autonomous Communities the green light to reinstate a State of Emergency if necessary, but in a statement, the Government implied that it won’t be asking Pedro Sánchez to reinstate a full blown lockdown in the Balearic Islands and will implement measures according to advice from the Ministry of Health.