Cap Rocat Hotel, Majorca. | Ultima Hora


70% of the luxury hotels in Majorca are planning to stay open until September 15, but will start to close down and after that because of the drop in foreign demand, according to Essentially Mallorca.

There are 110 five-star hotels in Majorca and all of them are in tourist areas.

"Companies are waiting for the evolution of the pandemic and the lengthening of ERTEs. Changes are happening overnight, but what is most worrying is the steep fall in foreign demand because of the quarantine measures imposed on travellers from Spain by the UK and travel bans by Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. That affects average occupancy levels, which are around 20% on average, although a few hotels have reached 80%," said Essentially Mallorca.

Chains like Iberostar, Riu, Barceló, Meliá, Hipotels, Viva, Garden Grupotel and Mac Hotels have started preparing closing calendars for some of their 5-star hotels in Majorca from the second week of September, because booking levels are very low and they are receiving more cancellations than reservations.

Some hotels opened in the first week of July and planned on being operational until the end of October, but they haven’t been able to meet their forecasts because foreign tourism plummeted in the second week of August.

"We didn’t close earlier because we have repeat customers and we have to give them the service they are accustomed to, so, we will hold out until they leave, but the decision to close has already been made because we can’t continue like this,” said a spokesperson for several luxury hotels.

Luxury tourism companies in Majorca, which are represented by Essentially Mallorca, Association of Golf Courses of Mallorca, or ACGM, Association of Nautical Sports Facilities of the Balearics, or ANADE, Association of Nautical Clubs of the Balearics, or ACNB and Balearic Marine Cluster, or BMC, have joined forces to promote a secure image of the Island and are urging Public Administrations to take coordinated action to save the Tourism Sector.