Face Masks mandatory in more places. | Ultima Hora


A raft of new restrictions have been announced for the Balearic Islands to prevent the spread of coronavirus after a spike in infections in the last few days.

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, has slapped a ban on meetings of more than 10 people in all areas, made face masks compulsory in more areas and introduced a curfew for beaches and municipal parks.

And there’s more

People will not be allowed to eat in public spaces or on public transport; the ban on smoking on public roads is being extended to all open spaces for public use and capacity at markets, weddings and funerals is being cut by 50%.

The details

Face masks are now mandatory at Indoor Sports Centres, on promenades and at all workplaces, except in open spaces and home visitors are advised to wear masks.

President Armengol revealed that the Government is also considering mobility restrictions.

"We are facing the start of the school year and we need to take more restrictive measures," she said, "there is a second wave that must be faced with rigour and social responsibility."

New restrictions on the Leisure Sector were approved last week and President Armengol says there’s more to come.

Francina Armengol, President of the Government has announced new Covid-19 restrictions.

President Armengol and Health Minister, Patricia Gómez met with the Presidents of Island Councils, FELIB President, Antoni Salas and Palma Mayor, José Hila, Researcher, Margalida Frontera and Ibassal Manager, Rubén Castro to discuss how to control the pandemic.

Health Minister, Patricia Gómez explained that in the last 2-3 days the number of cases has stabilised at 250-260, compared to 300 last week.

On Wednesday, 253 people were hospitalised and 39 were admitted to the ICU and Minister Gómez said admissions to hospital and Intensive Care Units are forecast to increase this week.

She also said transferring the tracking centre to Can Valero has relieved the stress on Primary Care Health Centres where staff can now concentrate on their patients. A new Covid-19 telephone number is being launched but the phone number has not yet released as yet.

President Armengol says she has not ruled out the possibility of a new State of Emergency and that all scenarios are continually being studied.

She also pointed out that more security forces are needed to track down and control those who do not comply with isolation measures in the Balearic Islands.

President Armengol said out that although most cases are mild or asymptomatic, these people infect others who are more vulnerable.

"We have to protect ourselves in order to protect others," she said and stressed that she is aware of the sacrifices that people are making, but appealed for everyone to be responsible.

President Armengol's announcement comes after 908 new infections were reported on Tuesday and experts have recommended selective lockdowns.