Police in Calvia. Archive photo. | Michel

An Irish tourist could be jailed for two and a half years for allegedly assaulting another Irishman in Santa Ponsa last April.

The defendant was on holiday with his girlfriend and the victim was in Majorca with his brother. They met at a local pub and ended up going back to the couple's hotel room.

At around 04:00 on April 4 the receptionist called Calvia Local Police after hearing somebody screaming on the first floor.

The accused claims that his girlfriend asked the two Irishmen to leave their hotel room, but they refused. A fight started and the defendant allegedly hit the victim in the head with an iron.

The victim suffered a head injury, a fractured nose and a damaged tooth, which eventually had to be removed.

Calvia Local Police say that when they arrived at the hotel they found the victim covered in blood, but he and his brother were both so drunk they couldn’t explain what had happened.

The Prosecution is asking the judge to jail the defendant for two and a half years and order him to pay the victim 8,969 euros in compensation.

The trial is scheduled to take place in Palma in the coming weeks.