Biel Company speaking on Thursday. | @ppbalears

Biel Company, the leader of the Partido Popular, has again criticised the Balearic government's coronavirus "marketing campaign".

On Thursday, he attacked the "more than 300 measures which are not fully understood" and requested a meeting with President Armengol in order to draw up a health, education and social plan. This meeting, he hoped, would "not be just for photos". "We are asking for sincere dialogue, as Armengol always says, but our experience is that this doesn't happen."

Responding to the government's latest measures, Company said that these were the "product of improvisation" and that President Armengol had "more or less indirectly stated that the government was not to blame but that society was". "The president has consistently communicated that her management is good. There has not been a strong message that we are facing a very serious situation."

For the return to school, Company asked for all schools to have an education and health Covid-19 coordinator and for class ratios to be reduced in order to guarantee a safe return. Parents and teachers, he continued, "have many doubts because of the improvisation of Armengol and March (Martí March, the education minister)".