Rain on Saturday in Palma. | Teresa Ayuga

Aemet reports that high pressures from Monday onwards will herald a September with generally dry and sunny weather. Temperatures are forecast to increase over the coming days after they dropped dramatically at the end of last week, especially in northern areas of the mainland.

Met agency spokesperson Rubén del Campo says that temperatures started to fall "in an unusual way" on Friday. A polar air mass provoked temperatures up to ten degrees lower than normal for the time of year. There was snow above 2,000 metres in the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Mountains, while there were frosts in the Basque Country and Castile and León. The Puerto del Pico weather station in Ávila (Castile and León) recorded the lowest temperature in recent days. This was -2.3C in the early hours of Monday.

The rain on Saturday was especially intense in areas of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearics. The highest rainfall volume was 114 litres per square metre in under six hours in Berga (Barcelona). The temperatures at the weekend were more typical of the start of October than the end of August.

Although the Aemet forecast is for a general improvement, the Balearics may not have seen the last of the stormy conditions. Storms could be possible in the Balearics on both Wednesday and Thursday. On the mainland, the rise in temperatures is expected to produce values of up to 35C in Galicia. For the Balearics, local weather stations are currently forecasting up to 30C for the end of the week.