Summer 2020 will forever be known as the season of no dancing, with discos and clubs in the Balearic Islands banned from opening because of the coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t stop some people.

The Balearic Association of Nightlife & Entertainment, or Abone, has denounced more than 60 illegal parties according to Association President, Jesús Sánchez.

The illegal events were advertised on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and took place on private property.

Sánchez says the majority of the complaints received were for parties held in Majorca and Ibiza and he’s certain that a lot more than 60 illegal events took place in the Islands.

“Abone is not a Private Detective Agency, so I'm sure many more parties were held that we are unaware of."

Some of the complaints were made before the events were held so the Government was able to stop them, but according to Sánchez only four responses to the complaints have been received.

On three occasions a complaint was filed after the party was over and on another, ”nothing could be done because the address of the event was not specified."

The location of these parties is deliberately not advertised so that the Police don’t know where it is,” said Sánchez. “Those who confirm they're going are sent a private message with the address a few hours before the event.”