Can Pere Antoni beach in Palma with barely a soul on it. | Pilar Pellicer

Spain's employment minister, Yolanda Díaz, said in Palma on Thursday that the Spanish government will be "redesigning a protection mechanism" that is specific to the Balearics. This will take into account the islands' particular vulnerability to the Covid-19 crisis because of the dependence on tourism.

Díaz explained that her ministry has made an in-depth analysis of the special impact of the crisis on the tourism industry "in its broadest sense". This therefore includes, for example, transport, entertainment and culture as well as the likes of hotels and travel agencies. There will, therefore, be a mechanism which covers the "entire chain" of the industry.

In Palma for the meeting of the so-called social dialogue table, Díaz remarked that Spanish government representation at this meeting was "no coincidence". Highlighting the special needs of the Balearics, she stated the situation in the Balearics is unlike that of the Canaries. "Economic behaviour" in the two island regions is "different".