Cleaning at a school in Minorca.

05-09-2020Gemma Andreu

The board of non-university teaching staff in Majorca, which comprises representatives of teachers unions, has called for a delay to the start of the school year.

At a meeting on Thursday, the board agreed with the calls that have come from the Simebal doctors union in the Balearics and the College of Doctors, who have both argued that conditions are not sufficiently safe for the return to school. The College of Doctors has said that the number of coronavirus cases in the Balearics is out of control. Because of this, the board is of the view that "lesson activities" are not recommended.

Schools are due to go back from Thursday next week, and the board is critical of the fact that it has taken until Saturday for the latest instructions to be posted on the Official Bulletin. These cover the distribution of pupils in classrooms and the assignment of teachers, with the aim of reducing class sizes.

The board believes that the time frame is "completely insufficient" for school managements and teachers to be ready by Thursday. This reinforces the board's opinion that there should be a delay.

The regional government's public health directorate is being asked to issue a report which expressly deals with the start of the school year, given the current situation with infections in the Balearics.


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Lucy / Hace about 1 year

Children need to go to school, we have already done enough damage to the social development of our young children they need to be in school before they forget altogether how to be social


Lizz / Hace about 1 year

Scientists have confirmed children are low risk for Covid, so get your fingers out after your 5month holiday and teach.


A.non / Hace about 1 year

Too little too late. They have no idea of the work involved. What normally has all summer, this year, it doesnt. No doubt extra hours arent considered in pay