Police Raid a property in Secar de la Real. | Ultima Hora


A woman has been arrested for allegedly renting her home in Secar de la Real to drug traffickers for 3,000 euros a month so that they could grow marijuana.

An investigation was launched by the Narcotics Group II after Officers discovered that El Hoyo clans were looking for nearby properties, because their urbanisation is heavily guarded, leaving little room for movement.

The traffickers allegedly paid 3,000 euros a month for small plots of land and were only seen when it was time to plant or harvest the marijuana.

Police operation

Police say they confiscated various boxes and found ventilation pipes, powerful lighting and a marijuana plantation during the raid and believe the traffickers have harvested drugs at least twice in recent months.


Moving the machinery needed for a marijuana plantation is much more complicated than transporting small amounts of cocaine or heroin.

It's thought the drug traffickers chose estates in Secar de la Real because they're close to El Hoyo, so the equipment could be moved without raising suspicion and with very little chance of running into police checkpoints.

Officers say there will be more raids at properties that have been rented to the clans in the coming weeks.