Robbery in Cas Català, Calvia. | Ultima Hora


An investigation has been launched in Cas Català after thieves broke into a house and stole a significant amount of cash and jewellery.


The suspects allegedly broke into the home in Carrer des Barranc at around 22:00 when the owner went out to dinner.

The owner's daughter arrived at the house 20 minutes later, but left when she heard a noise and was told by a neighbour that two men were in the house.

Minutes later, the two suspects ran out of the building, jumped over a fence and fled.

When Police inspected the house with the owner she told them that €2,000, $500 and a significant amount of jewellery is missing.

Investigators are sifting through security camera footage to try to identify the two suspects and their descriptions have been passed to Palma Local Police, the Guardia Civil and National Police.