Construction debris dumped in Camí de ses Argiles in Sant Jordi.

Construction debris dumped in Camí de ses Argiles in Sant Jordi.


A resident of Sant Jordi has uploaded images of tons of rubble and bags full of construction debris that have been dumped in Camí de ses Argiles in Sant Jordi when the green collection point is just a few metres away.

The images tweeted by @santjordipoble have gone viral.

Construction waste and debris is being abandoned in remote areas of the Balearic Islands on a regular basis and some people even drive to a different Municipality to dump it in places where the regulations are more lax.

Special Agents, who monitor fly-tipping, point out that waste collection has been newly regulated, with very concise stipulations and maximum amounts per user per day at specific collection points.

But the ban on dumping products such as asbestos often tempts people to abandon their waste in remote areas, which pollutes the environment and can lead to heavy fines and sanctions if they’re caught.

"Right now, Camí de ses Argiles in Sant Jordi ... 50 meters from the green dot!" the tweet says.


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Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

Calvia's provision of large and small rubbish disposal bins and skips is excellent AND they have recycling facilities for different materials. It's rare I ever praise a Council BUT they deserve praise. The rubbish collections are regular too.


Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

Fly-tipping is vile and anti-social. Often, if Authorities forensically search the junk, there can be fingerprints, part-address details, DNA, and clues to where things have been purchased. It takes time and money BUT it needs to be done. Arrests and conviction are massive deterrents. One further point is that in the UK the original "owner" of the rubbish is still guilty if you pay someone to remove it and they then dump it illegally so it pays to check their registered credentials. I don't know the law in that in Mallorca. As a Calvia ratepayer I'd be delighted to see my money used for tracing and convictions.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

This has two sides. One is the total crap mentality of people doing this, on the other side, if you make it nearly impossible to get rid of stuff, people resort to this sort of a-social behaviour. Make it easier to get rid of stuff and this may happen less.