So far this month, Calvia police have reported 39 people for breaches of the regulations regarding the wearing of face masks.

Thirteen of these were as a result of traffic controls in Costa de la Calma, Costa d'en Blanes and Paguera. The other 26 were for infringements in public spaces. The police have highlighted the case of four young people who were on a beach in Cas Català after 9pm and were smoking and not wearing masks. A group of eight were reported for drinking on a beach in Costa d'en Blanes.

On a different matter, there has been increased police visibility because of burglaries. In recent days, there have been burglaries and several attempted break-ins in different parts of the municipality. The police say that there is often an increase in burglaries at the end of the summer season. The targets are second homes, which are vacated at the end of the summer.