Anti-Spanish government protest in Mallorca

Protest in Palma against the Spanish government.

12-09-2020Laura Becerra

The National Police estimated that some 500 people took part in a Saturday protest in Palma against the Sánchez government's handling of the health crisis. Organised by the Foro Baleares de la Solidaridad y del Progreso, the protesters demanded the government's resignation.

Messages on banners included 'If we don't die of Covid, we'll starve' and 'Stop restrictions and fake news'. During the march, protesters stopped by a building where a Catalan pro-independence flag was draped from a balcony and shouted they were going to burn it.

The route of the march was from Plaça Espanya to the Balearic government's Consolar de Mar headquarters. Outside the HQ, the president of Foro Baleares, Sergio Bota, said that "I see people who refuse to be led by an indecent, criminal and incompetent government". He warned Sr. Sánchez and Sr. Iglesias (the Podemos second deputy prime minister) to be very careful. "Today, you have power, but the Spanish people have something you will never have: dignity and courage. Long live Spain!"

Bota also referred to the fact that September 12 "was the original day for Majorca Day". "It was changed to December 30* by the Armengol Catalanist government."

Among those taking part were members of Vox.

* It is in fact December 31.


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Juan love / Hace about 1 year

So all of you people who are Complaining about the detrimental effects this is all having on people's health / the economy etc. would instead prefer many more of your friends and family dead or dying and the government choose "Profit over people", instead of trying to save as many lives as possible?


Luky / Hace about 1 year

Thank God we aren't ruled by PP or Vox, we'd be worse. Take a look at the US or Brazil and imagine.


Telano Brown / Hace about 1 year

The over reaction to the virus has caused so much more harm than the infection itself. The death rate for 2020 is projected to be below 2019 - yet the economy is destroyed, there will be hardship for years, tens of thousands will suffer and die early because of poverty. This is madness.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Dear James T, although I agree with what you say and how Asian countries in general have that mentality, I have to remind you that this virus originated in China and their lack of initial control now has the world at ramsom. Not to mention that where the virus most likely originated: these markets with wild animals to be used for food, are still happening. So, how responsible do you call that? Covid 20 in the making I would say, as most of these weird viruses derive from the land of China.


Juan love / Hace about 1 year

Somewhere many, many millions of miles away in a far off parallal universe, there are even more numbers of people dying of Coronavirus, and the protesters are saying the government should be doing more to save lives and enforcing more restrictions to stop the contagion.


Rich / Hace about 1 year

James. In China they say, "I must obey or suffer the consequences". Perhaps the Chinese political system is preferable to ours. Freedom has its costs. Does China have a comments like this in its newspapers?


James T / Hace about 1 year

The real crisis is the lack of societal responsibility. Hence China is now virualy free of the virus while we are dominated by it. Here we say 'it is my right,', there they say 'it is my responsibility'. That's how they got control of it... and we haven't.


Sara O. / Hace about 1 year

I agree with Leo.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

This is only the beginning. Protest will grow larger and more agressive. People won't stand for the impotence of this government, both here and in Madrid. I hate to imagine what will happen when the real desperation of many people will make them to act. The real crisis is not the corona crisis, but what this government has caused.


Leo / Hace about 1 year

The last thing I want to see is a goverment of either Vox or PP. Then people would starve, their comments in Parliament are not for the general good of society but themselves . The PP change of the employment law in 2012 took away real jobs and left many with no permanent contracts very poor pay and shorter hours. The attitude take it or leave it. IMHO.