Palma public transport use has fallen by a half.


Palma's EMT buses transported around two million passengers in July. This represented a 49% decrease in passenger numbers compared with July 2019.

Transport use figures from the National Statistics Institute show that the Palma Metro carried some 30,000 passengers in July, a fall of 51.9%. In percentage terms, this was the highest fall in the country for cities with metro systems. For the buses, the decrease was the second highest after Barcelona (49.9%).

Since the start of the year, the Palma Metro has carried 49.8% fewer passengers and EMT buses 50.4% fewer.

For other modes of transport, there was a nationwide drop of 61.9% for airline passengers on domestic routes. The total was 1.62 million passengers. On the AVE high-speed trains, there were 659,000 passengers.