Temperatures taken at a Nightlife Venue in Marbella. archive photo. | Antonio Paz


The National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs, España de Noche or Spain by Night and the Employer's Association, Spain Nightlife are calling for the withdrawal of the Ministry of Health's latest awareness campaign which links nightlife to coronavirus deaths and infections.

"This is not a game," says España de Noche. "The campaign constitutes unfair harassment and stigmatises the Nightlife Sector, which has been closed for more than a month." It also claimed that illegal street drinking and parties are continuing without impunity.

“The campaign content puts the Nightlife Sector in the eye of the hurricane, once again, and is another step in the process of stigmatisation and criminalisation of entertainment venues by using an image of a nightclub to promote alarm and awareness amongst young people to prevent infections and deaths from coronavirus,” the Federation said in a statement.

Spain by Night accused the Government of lacking sensitivity and humanity when addressing the situation in the Sector which is one of the worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This Health campaign linking coronavirus deaths and infections to the Nightlife Sector is a low blow, especially when premises have been closed for more than a month,” said Spain Nightlife, which has also asked for more aid saying “the Sector is on the brink of ruin.”