Volunteers are wanted to be in charge of beach clean-ups.


GOB in Minorca have launched a programme which invites members of the public to adopt a beach. The environmentalists' intention is that volunteers will take charge of specific beaches or parts of beaches and clear away plastic and other types of waste that are detrimental to ecosystems and marine life.

The idea is that each person who adopts a beach will undertake a series of actions each year; individuals would invite others to join them in keeping the adopted beaches clean.

The environmentalists say that in addition to picking up waste, advice will be given on collecting scientific information. "This action is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the maintenance and well-being of our coastline. Individuals, groups of friends, schools, companies ... everyone is welcome. A minimum of three people per group is recommended. Minorca has a coastal cleaning service, but the problem of plastic waste is enormous and requires citizen involvement."

Information on waste that is collected will be fed into a database that will allow analysis and further possible actions.