Calvia police report having fined three people who had skipped the lockdown in parts of Palma. Two scrap dealers were fined after being stopped at a traffic control in Santa Ponsa; the third person was on Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf.

The police have fined a further eight people for not wearing masks in vehicles; masks are obligatory if vehicle occupants are not from the same household. In the early hours of Monday, the user of an electric scooter was fined for being under the influence of alcohol.

For smoking in public spaces, the police have issued three fines over the past week. One was for a person on the Son Bugadelles industrial estate in Santa Ponsa. The others were two young people who were smoking on a beach.

In all, seventeen people have been reported for not wearing masks over the past seven days. The police say that there is increasing compliance with the order.

Five British tourists were fined in Magalluf for not wearing masks as well as for a public order offence. An Italian restaurant in Costa de la Calma was reported for being open at 1.40 am in breach of closing time regulations and for allowing customers to sit at the bar. Four people in a Son Caliu bar, one of them a waitress, were fined for not wearing masks.