President Francina Armengol of the Balearics

President Armengol with the Council of Minorca president, Susana Mora (left), and Juli Fuster, the director-general of IB-Salut.

24-09-2020Gemma Andreu

President Armengol said on Thursday that restrictions in Minorca are to be relaxed, as the coronavirus incidence rate is lower than the rest of the Balearics.

The relaxation will include rules for care homes. At present, visits are limited to one person and under very specific conditions. This will be lifted, while residents will be able to go out during the day. For bar and restaurant terraces, capacity will be increased to 75% but will remain 50% inside. Markets with twenty or fewer stalls will no longer be subject to a 50% capacity, and for markets with 21 to 100 stalls the capacity will rise to 75%.

These new measures are due to be made official on Saturday; there is likely to be more relaxation in a fortnight's time. Armengol noted at a meeting with Minorca's mayors and the Council of Minorca that the number of active cases on the island has fallen from 169 to 36 over the past fourteen days.

Susana Mora, the president of the Council of Minorca, said that the second wave has been contained and that community transmission is being reduced day by day. She attributed this to the "rigour of Minorcan families and the educational community's "discipline". "Our situation is different to that of our neighbouring islands, where community transmission still has exponential rates that are concerning."


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