Cala Rajada, Majorca. | Humphrey Carter


Palma is 22 degrees and mostly sunny but very windy again today with gusts of 40 kilometres an hour and a low of 14.

It’s overcast and blustery in Andratx with a high of 24 degrees falling to 14 overnight.

It’s a sunny Saturday in Llucmajor with a top temperature of 23 degrees, a 40 kilometre northerly wind and a low of 15.

Five day forecast in Mallorca

Muro is 23 degrees and cloudy with occasional sunshine, strong winds and a low of 15.

Check out the weather a little further north in real time from our webcam in Puerto Alcudia.

Deya is partly sunny, partly cloudy with winds gusting up to 50 kilometres an hour and the daytime high of 22 degrees will drop to 14 overnight.