Accident happened last November. | Pere Bota


The family of a Brazilian woman, who was killed when a palm tree fell on her near Palma Cathedral on November 3, is seeking 331,000 euros compensation from Palma City Council.

When the accident happened the victim was with her 10-year-old daughter who witnessed the tree falling and killing her mother.

The child has had to have psychological treatment to try to help her forget what happened, but the consequences are indelible," said the family's lawyer, Julián Timoner.

On the day the tragedy happened, the Balearic Islands were on alert for strong winds.

The City Council did not signal any potential danger, nor did it delimit the area or seal it off, but immediately after the accident the area was cordoned off in view of the potential danger of palm trees falling and passers-by were banned from walking around the area,” Timoner stated in his letter.

According to the Justice Administration, the financial compensation will be distributed between members of the victim's family, including her fiancé whom was scheduled to marry within a week; her daughter; her mother who lives in Brazil and a relative who takes care of her daughter.