Remodelling work will last five months.


On Monday, work will start on remodelling the area of Puerto Alcudia between the fishermen's pier and the commercial port. At a cost of just over 900,000 euros, the work is expected to last five months. It should have started in March but was put back because of the state of alarm.

The project finally agreed between Alcudia town hall and the Balearic Ports Authority followed a period of disagreement which resulted in the town hall taking the authority to court. The previous project, which the town hall objected to, included provision for a new dry dock, a petrol station and the construction of several buildings.

In essence, the project is an extension of work that the town hall carried out on the Calle Teodor Canet in 2019. Further priority is to be given to pedestrians along this road and the Calle Gabriel Roca. Pavements will be widened and street furniture and road signs will be renewed, while there will be additional landscaping and new drainage and street lighting. The road heading towards the commercial port will become one-way and a roundabout will be created.