76% of Balearic Leisure Sector Workers in ERTE. archive photo. | Josep Bagur Gomila


The Nightlife Sector in the Balearic Islands has been completely devastated by the coronavirus crisis and the Government’s refusal to allow premises to reopen after the State of Emergency was lifted.

A survey by the Balearic Association of Night Leisure and Entertainment, Abone claims that as a direct result of those factors, six out of ten leisure businesses in the Balearic Islands will fold before the end of the year.

The survey includes data on professionals and supply companies, "whose magnitudes are difficult to estimate but give us an approximation of the critical situation leisure facility suppliers are facing," says Abone President, Jesús Sánchez.

Three parameters were established for the survey: data from dance halls and nightclubs; music bars with licences for concerts, theatres, pubs and bars; concert halls.


The survey shows that currently 87.2% of leisure venues in the Islands remain closed and 65% of concert halls may not survive.

The Nightlife Sector generates an average of 14.28 permanent and 16.23 temporary jobs in the Islands which amounts to a total of 20,000 workers.

"Due to the coronavirus pandemic 72.73% of Balearic nightclub staff have joined the ERTE, despite the fact that Councilor Iago Negueruela claims that we do not have workers in ERTE," said Sánchez.

The Balearic Nightlife Sector has an annual turnover of 1.4 billion euros, but because of the pandemic the Sector will suffer losses in excess of 1.1 billion euros.

"These economic losses and the fact that the Administrations forced leisure companies in the Islands to stay closed is forcing us to seek a rescue plan to guarantee survival,” said Sánchez. “The Nightlife Sector accounts for around 4.6% of the Balearic GDP, so the Government must take this indicator into account.”

According to the survey, turnover for discos has fallen by 97.2% and 78.72% of premises have remained closed.

The Government also shut down bars, restaurants and business in three streets in Magalluf and two in Playa de Palma to prevent the spread of coronavirus.