The system developed by the Círculo de Economia de Mallorca.

The Círculo de Economia de Mallorca has created colour-coded traffic light indicators of the daily situation with the pandemic in the Balearics.

"Share the state of the pandemic in the Balearic Islands" is the message from the Círculo, an entity closed linked to the Chamber of Commerce. There are red, yellow and green risks according to the number of new accumulated cases over a seven-day period, the reproductive rate, the positive test rate, the occupancy of intensive care units and the availability of health resources.

The president, Josep Maria Vicens, says that given the seriousness of the economic and social crisis caused by coronavirus, "it's time to give rigorous and reassuring information" to residents and visitors, who may well get confused by the wealth of data.

The traffic lights are updated daily using the data published by both the national and regional health ministries. The risk colours are based on European Union health criteria, which are used by most countries when decisions are made about travel advice.

As well as the daily update, the information on the Círculo's website provides an estimate of the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants for the next seven and fourteen days. This estimate is based on a predictive mathematical model.

Vicens adds that this simplified means of presenting information is essential because communication and awareness strategy needs to convey the image of the Balearics as a safe destination and can help "mitigate economic collapse".

The traffic light system can be viewed at: