40 or 50 kph along the Paseo Marítimo; depends on the stretch.


Palma town hall has published a list of roads in the capital for which the speed limit will not be 30 kilometres per hour.

New ordinance for speed limits will come into effect at the end of the month. The 30 kph limit will apply to 90% of roads and streets, with 190 roads still having limits above 30 kph. Of these, there will be speed reductions for 55. In 52 cases, the limit will fall from 50 kph to 40 kph; in the other three cases, the reduction will be from 60 and 70 kph to 40 and 50 kph.

Francesc Dalmau, Palma's councillor for mobility, says that the 'Palma, Ciudad 30' plan will come into force gradually. Therefore, from the end of October the maximum speed will be 30 kph for all roads and streets where there aren't specific speed limit signs. Over the following two months, the rest of the signs will be adapted in accordance with the ordinance that defines the maximum speeds.

Thirty-eight kilometres of road will be affected, and in order to monitor compliance, the town hall has launched the first phase of the information campaign - "respect, coexist, share" - and will be installing three new speed control radars. At present, there are six fixed radars.

Dalmau highlights the "commitment to a new model of mobility that is friendlier and more sustainable and which represents the transformation of Palma into a 30 city". Road safety will be reinforced, as Palma moves towards a new model in which bikes, personal mobility vehicles, walking routes and public transport are to be given greater prominence.

The list of roads is available through this link: https://noticies.palma.cat/portal/PALMA/premsa/RecursosWeb/DOCUMENTOS/1/0_136007_1.pdf