Scooter rider arrested. | Policía Local de Son Servera


An electric scooter rider has been arrested in Son Servera for allegedly attacking a man on a motorbike.

The victim allegedly gave the scooter rider a thumbs down for making a sudden manoeuvre on the Cala Millor-Son Servera road just before 11:00 on October 8.

The scooter rider then allegedly chased the victim and the two started arguing.

The defendant allegedly pushed the motorbike rider to the ground, punched and kicked him several times then took the victims helmet off and hit him with it, breaking his rib.

Witnesses say the scooter rider fled the scene when he saw them approaching to help the wounded man.

The victim gave Local Police a description of the scooter rider and told them he was wearing a grey sweatshirt, cap, jeans and Adidas trainers and had nose, ear and chin piercings. A witness also gave the Officers a photograph of the scooter rider.

Police detained the suspect on the bike path to Cala Millor a few hours later.