There are 24 more cases among pupils.

Balearic government spokesperson Pilar Costa has reported a slight increase in the number of positive cases in schools.

Following Wednesday's cabinet meeting, Costa told a press briefing that compared with figures in her previous report (Monday last week) there have been 24 more positive cases. In total, there have been 105 cases among pupils - 76 in Majorca, 28 in Ibiza, one in Minorca and none on Formentera - and six among teachers. Three of these teachers are in Majorca; the other three are in Ibiza. On Monday last week, Costa reported that there were 81 pupils and four teachers.

According to government figures, 140 pupils have had to quarantine and 22 schools have quarantine groups. Over the past week, 88% of contact studies proved negative, leading Costa to conclude that "there is no community transmission in schools". Two pupils, she added, have needed to be admitted to hospital, but their conditions are "mild".