Parents have to let schools know if their children are awaiting a test. | Miquel À. Cañellas

EduCovid, a group of six people who monitor cases of coronavirus in Balearic schools, has concluded that it is no longer necessary for parents to be informed when a pupil from the same class is waiting for the result of a test.

The education and health ministries are advising schools that parents need only be informed in cases where a pupil tests positive. Until now, parents have been advised if pupils in close contact with their children have been tested after showing symptoms of the virus.

Schools are now letting parents know about this change, while reminding parents of the need to notify schools if their children are sick or are awaiting a test.

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If a pupil tests positive, the school provides lists of all possible close contacts and information related to, for example, bubbles and whether or not the child has school meals.